Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello Blog!

  Well it has been quite some time since I have updated this thing... where the heck to begin?? Life is so beautiful in my neck of the wood's, I almost wonder if everyone is so lucky in love with their family. Of course I Would hope so but I truly feel lucky and so blessed!
    My life right now is in a bit of a transitioning period, I just started a full time job two weeks ago at sorenson caption call. I am a communication assistant which means I translate calls into written form for the hard of hearing. So far I am picking up pretty quick, graduated the training a week early and am quite content so far. The scheduling is nice because I still get to spend my days with Leah and then when Nick gets home at 4, we spend a few quality minutes together and then I head off to work. I am SO SO lucky I married that man!! I hear the way some wife's talk about their husbands with their kids and how they wont even change a poopy diaper... I would never be happy with a guy like that. Pretty sure that is actually a huge reason why I fell so hard and so fast for Nick. He is the worlds greatest dad!! Leah is so so lucky to have a father that works his behind off all day long to come home and not only watch her for the evening ~ but play with her and take her on walks and make her so happy. I am also lucky that he is so good to me and if I don't have time to do some cleaning, like the dishes, he will get it done without any recognition needed. He even takes the time, exhausted or not to make sure to come into the bedroom and give me a kiss goodbye every morning... might not be a big deal but it sure starts my day off right. Over 6 yrs together and I find myself falling in love with him in a whole new way. Being a good father and husband is no easy task and he does it so well.
    Now to what everyone probably wants to hear about my Leah Lahren (-: I really cannot believe she already 15 months old on the 8th of Sept!!!! HOLY CRAP it has gone by so fast. I totally agree when everyone says that this is such a fun age. Obviously every stage of your child's life is fun and new but she is such a bundle of personality. She tends to do everything like mommy, she has pretended to put on makeup, shave her legs and even says i love you and please. Yes she is def a girly girl so far, I love it! She can also say, mama, Dada, Zoe, grandma, Nana and a few other fun words. She loves to give hugs and kisses and it melts our hearts when she gives hugs and you can feel her tiny little hands patting your back. makes me smile just thinking about it!
    Well that's a quick update of the Thomas home, now that I have Internet access at work I may update this thing more than once a yr! we will see... Miss all of my family dearly and hope to make a trip back home in 6 months or so when I get some vacation time at work.

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